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Web Application Development graphic in London

Web Application Development Services in London

Iron Rhino’s web application development services in London will improve your business workflow. We accomplished this by automating tasks, improving communication, and increasing productivity. By us automating tasks, you can eliminate the need for manual data entry, which can save time and improve accuracy. Utilizing web app development such as ours we will be able to help improve your company communications by providing a central location for all your correspondence.

This can make it easier to keep track of conversations and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Finally, web application development can increase productivity by providing employees with easier access to information and tools. By making it easier for employees to find the resources they need, you can free up their time for more productive activities.

Web Application Development can therefore have a positive impact on your business workflow.

Web application development graphic in London

Business Automation

If you’re like most business owners, you’re always looking for ways to save time and increase productivity. Well, there’s good news! Business automation can help you do both.

At its simplest, business automation is about using technology to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks. This could be anything from appointment scheduling to invoicing to social media marketing. By automating these tasks, you free up your time to focus on more important things, like growing your business.

Not only that, but business automation can also help you boost your productivity. By taking care of the little things for you, it frees up your brainpower to focus on bigger projects. And we all know that a more productive business is a more successful one.

Portal web applications

Portal web applications are a type of software that allows organizations to provide a single, unified access point for employees, customers, and other users. This type of web application development is typically built on top of existing web infrastructures, such as a content management system or e-commerce platform.

By creating a central portal, organizations can streamline access to information and reduce the need for users to remember multiple URLs or login credentials. Portal applications can also be customized to provide a unique experience for each user, based on their role or context. For example, a customer portal might provide different functionality than an employee portal.

Web development applications of portals are becoming increasingly popular as companies look for ways to improve the usability of their web properties.

Web application development graphic in London
Web application development graphic in London

Enterprise-Class Development Solutions

We take an all-encompassing approach with our enterprise web application development services. Our developers build applications that provide users with a holistic, immersive 360-degree viewing experience so companies can oversee their ERP systems while they’re running in the background and easily identify issues before it becomes too much work or even impossible for them to manage any more tasks on top of what’s already there.

SaaS Web Application Solutions

To stay competitive in today’s economy, many companies are looking to save money on expensive hardware. That is why we provide SaaS web application development services as well. We offer custom integrations using third-party provider software and build out the perfect solution for your business needs with ease.

SaaS web application development
Custom API integration

Custom API Integration

API (Application Programming Interface) is the “technology” developers use to connect your website to other websites. We can use an API  to produce things like Instagram FeedsGoogle Maps, Google Analytics data, MailChimp Forms and collect data to send to your business CRM.

An example of a Custom API integration is hiring us to use web service data like Google Maps API to create a unique experience for your users. Experiences such as displaying pick-up points with the ability to add or delete those points.

In conclusion, using API allows your business to leverage programs, processing power and data that would be quite expensive or maybe impossible to do on your own.

Corporate Intranet and Extranet

Corporate Intranet and Extranet web applications are both private networks that allow the secure sharing of knowledge and information within a company or organization. An intranet is designed for internal communications only, while an extranet is designed to share part of a business’s information or operations with other businesses. Both intranets and extranets are usually restricted to specific local area networks (LANs) or wide area networks (WANs). Corporate Intranets and Extranets play an important role in promoting collaboration and communication within a company or organization. These custom web applications are developed to also help to reduce costs by sharing resources and improving efficiency. Corporate Intranets and Extranets are essential for businesses that want to stay competitive in today’s global market.

intranet and extranet web application development

E-Commerce web Applications

Web applications, such as e-commerce websites, are becoming increasingly popular. They offer a convenient way for users to purchase products and services online. However, many businesses are still hesitant to make the switch to a web application. Here are some benefits of using a web application that may convince you to give it a try:

1. Increased reach: A web application can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. This means that your potential customer base is much larger than if you were only selling through brick-and-mortar stores.

2. Lower costs: Building and maintaining a web application is typically less expensive than running a physical store. You don’t have to worry about rent, utilities, or employee salaries.

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