Online Reputation Management in 2021 Is It Important?

Online reputation management is indeed alive and it has a strong pulse for that matter. In fact, if you want your company to stay alive too, you need to take the time and address your online reputation management strategy.

It so important for businesses to understand they need to have a positive online reputation. In addition, what that does for the companies bottom line because the consequences of failing to manage it can be dire.

I know what you are thinking, “What is that I need to do, to help my business”? Well…take control of your reputation and improve it with a solid strategy.

Reviews and Online Reputation Management

Why would someone want to drink sour milk? It tastes bad, it’s not healthy, and very likely will make you sick. Metaphorically speaking, many companies are drinking sour milk when it comes to their reputation management. If they get a bad review, they either will say or do nothing about it. On the other hand, they get defensive and respond in an unprofessional manner.

However, the search engines of today consider so much on how you rank in search results. Yes, it is true that bad reviews are not pleasant; you still need to have a reputation for trying to make things better or be willing to offering a solution. Search engines look at good and bad reviews but also if you are responding to the reviews left by your customers.

Many companies are still going about their reputation management the same way year after year still employ the same tactics they always have. It is because they think that they do not need to change or they just do not want to put the time and effort into creating a new strategy to better themselves.

I am sorry to inform you. “If you don’t adjust your reputation management strategy, your online reputation with continually give you returns that are going to trend in the opposite direction”. However, if you are ready to take your reputation back and try something different, I have a few reasons for you to update your reputation strategy.

Google’s Policies and Guidelines

Google’s algorithms are getting more complex as time goes on. In addition, Google is warning sites that if they do not adhere to their policies and guidelines that they could have penalties. Therefore, if your strategy for reputation management has involved some questionable activities. This could be now or in the past, you might want to consider making adjustments so you can avoid penalties that could leave you vulnerable.

I recommend that you do a Google search for your business. See what is on the first page of the results. From there start to learn why those websites consistently take the top spots. I would recommend you look at our Reputation Management solutions. It will send out alerts to you about your company so you can keep an eye on what is going on.

Online Reputation Management in Social Media

Not that long ago, just a few years really, it was ok for your company not to have a social media presence. The main reason is that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram other social sites were viewed as to new and unproven platform to use. Times have changed the social media platforms have become monsters. Today for any marketing strategy in your business, social media is essential for your reputation and its management.

Additionally, Google is really taking notice of the comments made about your business and the actions that users are taking. Such as likes, shares, and tagging on these social platforms. Because of this, its time for businesses to change their viewpoint and used social media. Google takes this information to begin to determine your business page rank.

I recommend creating a YouTube channel. YouTube is a huge player for users to get information, use that outlet to display videos on your company’s products or services. Add your company name to your video titles and try to have at the very least 3-5 videos.

The World is changing how we do business.

Technology is always advancing. That means your business needs to advance with it. You need to look for trends online and be ready to make the changes and adapt. If you do not your online reputation will suffer. History has proven that those who are unwilling to make changes and try new strategies will eventually fail. It is time for a change; take the opportunity now while you have the time to do so to update your reputation management strategy.

Online reputation management is far from dead. The bottom line is, if you do not your business is going to suffer. Social media is how the world operates today, it a way of life. You need to ask yourself the question “Am I going to take charge of my business or let it slip away”? Only you can decide that and be proactive start managing your online reputation today.