SEO during COVID-19 is there real value in it?

SEO during COVID-19 should you be doing it? COVID-19 is affecting everyone’s lives in many different ways. We sadly see job loss, closing business, and entire workforces moving to work out of their homes. As a business owner, this is a very scary time, it’s one of uncertainty. However, it can also be an opportunity to learn how to make adjustments, manage your business, and use every tool that is available to you to maintain growth.

Businesses need to have a long-term mindset.

Businesses have a tendency to cut back from doing marketing when they face times of instability. They may take the “let’s step back and regroup” approach and prepare for the ripple effect that is affecting their industry. However, one area that does not do well to cutbacks is that of local SEO. Now is the time to invest in local SEO so that your business can be set up for success in the future.

SEO during covid-19 For small businesses.

Never underestimate the power of small businesses either. History has proven that the market has gone through recessions, pandemics, and many upsets before. Yet, despite all these tests and trials, many businesses have thrived afterward. What we face now is no different.

Local SEO During COVID-19

Take and use this time as an opportunity of growth; making adjustments in your business presence online. By doing so you will set your business up for the market regains its footing and is thriving one again.

It is true that planning for the short term is important to adjust the current circumstances as they continue to evolve and develop. A business still has to look at the long-term strategy and not hinder growth. Yes, COVID-19 in a terrible thing to be having to deal with but it will not last forever. Now is the time to address your positioning once the crisis is over. Because the actions you take now will affect how your business responds, to when things return to normal operations.

All businesses need SEO during COVID-19!

If you look at the number of searches on Google. The majority of the clicks resulted from organic search results. Meaning the business who took the time and invested in local SEO sowed up at the top of these search results.

Here are some statistics for search results.

5.6 billion

Google searches every day


Google searches every second

2.3 trillion

Google searches in 2019

  • 84% of searchers skip paid ads and click on organic search results
  • 90% of people never scroll to page 2
  • 61% of clicks go to the top 3 organic listings
  • 33% of clicks go to the #1 organic position

It is so important to maintain your digital strategy during a crisis, to ensure you stay connected to your customers now and well into the future. Need some extra tips? We have a range of resources to help.

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