Business Growth With Digital Advertising

How does a local business grow with Digital advertising?

Digital advertising brings awareness to your brand. Online advertising consists of a number of services to provide that reach, together this works to promote the business. Today we see that more and more businesses are increasing their digital advertising budget.

One area that Jamie Turner suggests is turning your advertising to social media platforms.

If I were to provide one tip to people who are using social media, it would be this — don’t be afraid of paying for social media reach and clicks. – Jamie Turner,

One key advantage of digital advertising is you can easily monitor your results and ROI by tracking the information. It only makes sense that you want to have some form of proof that your money is well spent.

Tracking Your Advertising Investment

This is the downfall of the more traditional approaches to other advertising channels. Going this route there is no way of tracking the effectiveness of the advertisement by way of advanced data analytics. However, with digital advertising companies like Google and Facebook, you can see these advanced analytics.

This is the best way for a local business to know how well their money is spent. This type of reporting too allows room to make adjustments if needed. Digital advertisements are a positive impact on storefronts especially when managed by a professional agency following these practices.

Various factors can determine the success of digital advertising, and these can differ from case to case. However, for most indicators, the success of an ad lies in the components of the list below.ROI indicators/measures of a successful campaign:

  • Impressions: the actual # of views on an advertisement
  • Clicks: the actual # of direct clicks on the advertisement
  • Engagements: Social & landing page clicks
  • Results: In most cases, results come in the form of a phone call or a store visit.

The Best Places to Advertise

Understanding the market is very important when it comes to the advertising space. With our team’s extensive experience in the field, along with most of the other agencies is, the best places to advertise and spend your money on are Google and Facebook.

With digital advertising, a local business now becomes more visible online. More importantly with the right advertising company behind you and pushing your visibility, you captured your target audience too.

digital advertising on Google

Why digital advertising on Google?

Well simply, reach! Google is a monster and with the largest network in the world, Google has consumers searching every single day for local businesses. Taking advantage of Google’s network capabilities, digital advertising is able to thrive and find those ideal target prospects. By doing this they get in front of the users who are looking for their products or services.
The digital age is growing and evolving rapidly and people are no longer watching TV Ads or taking the time to listen to radio commercials to locate local businesses. They are searching online and locating the business this way.

You want your business found on Google. There are over 3.5 Billion searches performed on Google every single day. Customers trust that if they look for a business and it is on Google and on the first page, that is the business, they need to look at.
The other reason to consider Google is flexibility. Google does not have a “Set Price” they offer the local advertiser the option to spend whatever they want. With flexibility, the options for Ad spend testing of the market becomes easier. Testing what works and what doesn’t work for business gives you data. This will allow you to see how your campaign performs and where you need to focus your digital advertising budget.

Why advertise on Facebook?

Let us just think of the audience’s Facebook commands. With 1.32 Billion daily active users (DAU’s) on average with a consistent increase of users of 17% each year, that is a lot of exposure. Therefore, as a local business that is something that you cannot overlook. You have to accept the fact that Facebook can bring your brand awareness to prospective customers.
If the daily average user’s stat doesn’t have you convinced then let’s talk about how often social media is being used. The average person spends nearly 35 minutes every day JUST on Facebook, according to a recent study by Mediakix.

digital advertising on Facebook

Now if there one thing to take away from the recommendation to do digital advertising on Facebook is that the audience on Facebook is MASSIVE, and the people that are on Facebook are on it a LOT.
The other great thing for utilizing Facebook is targeting. With the right marketing agency behind you targeting your ideal audience is a dream. Facebook allows the ability to focus on users in such detail it’s like putting them under a microscope. By targeting users based on their interests, behaviors, age, gender, location, and really anything that their Facebook profile may reveal about them including job title.
The Facebook algorithm has brought about changes to the local advertising landscape, but it remains one of the best environments for local businesses to get the word out about themselves!


When the opportunity to leverage two of the biggest players on the internet to help grow your business is available. In addition, have the data to help back up their claim too. You can bring your advertising game to the next level and begin to see the rewards and payoffs these can bring to your digital advertising reach.