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Listing Management

OUR Listing Management Solutions

Is your business just opening for the first time or moved to a new location? That means you need a listing management solution, to update your listings. Customers need to be able to find you on Google, Facebook, or Instagram and get accurate directions to your physical business location. Because your listings don’t update themselves and the contact information needs to be harmonious across all the platforms.

Are your customers able to find you Localy?

What is the importance of listing management?

Listing management keeps your listings up to date. But…. that is not the only reason. Customers turn to Google, Facebook or Instagram to get your address so that they can get to you. So your listings need to be the same across all the platforms. More importantly, you need to be able to respond to customers that make a comment on your listing.

Iron Rhino has highly skilled a team of professionals that can help you out. Our three key presence management tools will ensure your business will be found easily and keep it up to date with our Listing Suite bundle.

Listing Builder – Sync your listings across Facebook, Google, and 60+ other sites.

Did you know that Google recommends that even if your business has a website, it should also have a My Listing page that is rich in SEO?

The reason is simple; Google and other search engines use these sites to index search results, making businesses easier to find in online searches.

Listing Suite 

Get the ultimate listing management package.  With our Listing Suite, bundle it includes: Listing Bulder, Listing Distribution, and Listing Suite PRO

Listing Distribution

Takes and builds your listings with the data it gathers, in turn, will allow you to work towards that coveted #1 spot on Google. Searching for businesses has dramatically changed over the years.

Navigation systems gather the data based on the information of your listings and points of interest so that your customers can get to your location. There are mobile apps that use this information. Don’t forget about voice assistants like Siri and Alexa are they giving your customers the right information?

So, as a result, this missing information on your listings turns into a loss of customers and in turn a loss of revenue. Because not having this information correct makes you drop in the search rankings.

Listing Sync PRO

You will be able to take advantage of dozens of reputable listing sites. Not to mention the big three Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Because now with listing sync PRO, your listings will be posted across all these accurately. ***Listing Sync will be set up for your geographical location***


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