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Hashtag Domains

Hashtag Domains

Invest in hashtag domains and help build the decentralized internet, the new Web where your information will be safeguarded from the liberal agenda. Your purchased domain names become digital assets that you can use to build websites, hold while reserving your company's brand, or resell to make a profit. # Domains cost just $24.95, and domain names are still widely available; consider buying several domains while brand names and keywords are still widely available. Your hashtag domain could be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars in the future; in fact, carefully chosen domains might lead to a payout of one million dollars if the right buyer is looking for your domain.

The Big Deal About #Domains

Hashtags on the World Wide Web are currently proving their value as a marketing tool; however, they have one significant flaw. Your hashtag keyword that helps new customers or clients find you today can be taken over by another company tomorrow and start working for their campaign instead of yours. Since hashtag keywords can't be owned on the regular internet, all of the effort you or your marketing team put into selecting and implementing your hashtag on social media can be undone in seconds. Hashtag domains on the decentralized internet belong to you; best of all, they're transferrable if someone decides to buy your hashtag domains.

Ownership of Hashtags and Domains

When you buy a # Domain from Hashtag.Space, you're investing in your future. Since you have multiple options on what you do with your hashtag domain, it's a good idea to own more than one. Buy your company's brand name and relative keywords in the form of hashtag domains to prevent your competition from using them for marketing purposes. Purchase additional keywords that you'll profit from in the future if another company is looking to establish a presence on the decentralized Web. Hashtag Domains are your property for 12 months, renewable annually for the same low cost of $24.95.

How to Choose Names For # Domains

Useful tools on the internet for selecting keywords include 'Top Ten' lists and the Jaaxy Advanced Keyword site. Using your business' sector as a guide, these tools will make it easy to select popular keywords that customers or clients use to find you on the internet; it's the same on the decentralized internet- keywords and hashtag domains bring patrons to your website there, as well.

How Many Hashtag Domains Should I Buy?

In the early dot com days when the internet was starting to take off, business owners quickly discovered that they could profit from not only owning their own domain name but also from buying up domains they believed would be sought after in the future. Their intuition proved correct; historically, top domains have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars- even millions.

How many hashtag domains you buy and hold will depend on how much faith you have in the work that's being done to build the decentralized internet. If you value free speech and the freedom to create and share information in an environment that champions the business owner over conglomerate corporations, you'll want to take full advantage of early-access affordably-priced # Domains. The more domains you own, the better positioned you will be to profit from future resales.

Registering a Hashtag in the Domain Space

Buying your first hashtag domain is easy- sign up for a free account and start searching the database in less than a minute. Don't forget about looking on the internet for help finding popular keywords and key phrases for your business or for holding purposes.

  • Step One: Type possible hashtag domain names into the search bar, then transfer them into your cart when you find domains that are still available to buy.
  • Step Two: Click on 'Fund Your Account', then type the total amount in your cart into the Fund Bar, and pay using Paypal or MHC tokens.
  • Step Three: Within a few minutes, the amount you've transferred to your account will be available, and 'Fund Your Account' will read 'Buy'.

Making the Most of Your Hashtag Domains

Now that you own a few of your own hashtag domains, you can auto-set them to resell, and choose any amount up to $1 million. Your domains are pre-loaded with 5 free keywords; simply click on 'Manage' next to each domain and type in the keywords you want customers or clients to use in order to find you on the decentralized Web. Resolve your existing website to your new domain in seconds by clicking on 'Site URL'.

Get in touch with Hashtag.Space CEO, Robert Bibb, if you have any questions about # domains or how they work. Reach Robert by phone at 1.304.933.1944.

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Hashtag Domains Hashtag Domains